Good Food. Good People. Good Times.


With a vision + passion anything is possible. In creating the new menu for The Clayton Public House I explored the freshest of dishes with a focus on local sourced ingredients, creative dishes elevated from the average local pub fare and with unique flavour combinations setting us apart from the rest.

There is food, and there is the food on our new menu at The Clayton Public House.

  • In our test kitchen we tested 5 types of potatoes: Red potatoes, Russet potatoes, Kennebec potatoes, Yukon gold, White potatoes. We found the red potatoes gives us a good balance between crispness and a slightly sweeter taste. Each potato is then brined for 16 hours with 3 different recipes - my secret. They are cooked at a lower temperature, laid put on a sheet to dry for 8 hours then cooked at a high temperature to order! FRESH + TASTY!

  • It’s prized for it’s flavour rather than tenderness. To compensate for this we cook it using a sous- vide method. Sous-vide: French for 'under vacuum' is a method of cooking where we place food in a plastic pouch and cooked in a water bath for longer than normal cooking methods. The temperature is much lower than normally used for cooking, we cook the steaks for 1.5 hours at 129F . The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is cooked without overcooking the outside and to retain moisture. This method also allows us to marinate the meat more effectively; we use rosemary, thyme and butter in each pouch. Cooked to Perfection!

  • When creating the perfect burger the meat is the first choice, we made the decision to use a slightly fattier mince, which gives more moisture and flavour to the patty. We got to work and formulated a signature burger sauce, to be honest it is SO good we should be packaging and sell it in store! We pickle our own fried onions, the flavour is sweeter than a regular onion ring and they are the perfect compliment. We could go on and on about it but you should come in and try the new Clayton Burger.

  • This is the BEST french toast you will ever have. Perfectly cooked french toast topped with beautiful strawberries finished in a unique one of a kind Bailey's Cream sauce.

  • Introducing THE DUCK DRUMETTES AKA THE WING! There is nothing like this out there and it is beyond amazing. It’s cured for 3 hours, which helps retain the moisture. It’s confit in duck fat for 2.5 hours, which helps tenderize the meat with virtually no moisture or flavour loss. The meat falls off the bone, no truly, melts in your mouth. FINALLY we cover them in a house made Guinness BBQ sauce and served with a sour cream dip. DUCK WINGS, trust us.

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    My personal experience at the Clayton has always been exceptional. My first experience was a few years back I held a minor hockey fundraising event. From the moment I made the phone call to reserve up until the evening of the event their communication and organization was very professional. It also happened to be the first year anniversary of the Clayton along with a firefighters retirement party Our service was incredible despite how busy. at no time was our service at no time was compromised. The staff remained friendly despite what I can only imagine was so crazy for them.
    From the customer loyalty program via email which offers free drinks, $20 gift cards for Christmas. You guys are doing an amazing job!!! Bar none keep up the great work!!!
    cheers 🍷🍷

    Tracy R., Clayton Heights

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    Been a fan since the beginning but these last few months you’ve really upped your game! The new menu is such a great break from regular pub fair. Keep it up!

    Ryan M., Clayton Heights

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    My husband & I just had a delicious lunch at the Clayton Public House!! My chicken & brie sandwich was excellent & the salad was top-notch!! We'll come again!!

    Helen N., Surrey BC