The Clayton Football Club

We have heard you, we listened, and finally we have the team built up to support + run the Clayton Football Club in 2020.
Our GM, who has a long history with football pools, decided that last year was the start and THIS YEAR (2021) is going to be even better!  We are opening up 100 spots for the football pool.


We are excited to start off the 2021 NFL season.


In order to enter your picks online head over to runyourpool.com

By doing this online we can ensure the integrity of the pool and better help you make your picks as well to keep track of all our members. The website also guarantees there will be no errors or discrepancies provided you follow the entry procedures and meet the time deadlines.

PLEASE REMEMBER that the time deadlines are strict on the entrant to get their picks in on time and the process makes your weekly entry much simpler. It is possible for you to check the standings at any time and obtain up-to-the-minute updates of all club members.

Your membership fee of $160 contributes to year-end prizes, weekly prizes, and a season-end GRAND PRIZE DRAW.

Jamie Bailey (our bartender) will be your host on Monday nights to make Monday Night Football a great experience.

The Clayton Public House Football Club continually seeks ways to improve the club and make your participation simpler and more enjoyable. Please read the rules carefully and we hope you have a great season picking the winners.

Prizes are based on membership, and we will provide prizes on the following schedule:

Clayton Football Pool Entry Fee Breakdown

$160 Entry fee Breakdown

  • $112(70%) ->Weekly Prize Pool
  • $44.80(28%)->Year end Prize Pool
  • $3.20(2%)->Admin Fee

$20 Entry Fee Loser Pool

  • $19(95%) Winner
  • $1(5%) Admin

Weekly and Year-End Prize Breakdown

  • Weekly prizes
  • 1st Place 80% of Weekly Prize Pool
  • 2nd Place 20% of Weekly Prize Pool
  • Year-end prize breakdown
    1st place – 50% of the year-end prize pool
    2nd place- 25% of the year-end prize pool
    3rd place- 15% of the year-end prize pool
    4th place- 10% of the year-end prize pool

RULES AND REGULATIONS Correctly choose the winner of each game during the eighteen-week NFL season with point spreads.


MEMBERSHIP: $160 fee per entry – we accept cash, Interac (Debit) & Credit Cards in-house, or e-transfer sent to football@theclaytonpub.com {password CLAYTON}. Optional entry for our loser pool will be an additional $20, winner takes all. If you choose to play both the yearly pool as well as the loser pool your total will be $180 all in.

You must register before 8:00 pm Friday, September 10, 2021. No entries will be accepted after that time. You may have multiple memberships.



GAME SCHEDULES: Thursday games will not be in play with the exception of the American Thanksgiving week, we will send notifications reminding you at the beginning of that week to remind you. Only Saturday, Sunday, and Monday games count in the standings otherwise.

TIEBREAKERS: In the event of multiple entries having the correct number of picks for the week, the Monday night game total points score is the tiebreaker. You will be prompted by runyourpool.com to enter a total point number. The Sunday Night Game total points score will be used for the tiebreaker for Week 18 (January 9th, 2022) and will be the last game on the schedule that night. Whichever entry is closest to the actual cumulative score, whether over or under, wins the higher place in the standings. If a tie still occurs, the money will be split evenly. Season-ending tiebreakers that determine the final cash prize winners and their order in the standing will be based on your accumulated point differential on Monday Night games as calculated by runyourpool.com Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider your Monday Night game total points.

If there are still ties after the tiebreaker system, the money will be split evenly among the contesting winners.

MONDAY NIGHT CONTENDERS There will be prizes given out to weekly winners in accordance with the schedule outlined above. Prize value amounts will be determined once attendance is confirmed and that information will be shared by September 30, 2021.

Loser Pool The Loser Pool will start in Week 1. Details and registration forms will be available by August 21 at the pub. Again, the loser pool will be administered through www.runyourpool.com


We have a schedule for major prizes to give away for regular attendance.
If you attend Monday night football and sign in for:

•Weeks 1- 4 we will give away a major prize at the end of the game on week 4
•Weeks 5 – 8 we will give away a major prize at the end of the game on week 8
•Weeks 9 – 12 we will give away a major prize at the end of the game on week 12
•Weeks 13 – 16 we will give away a major prize at the end of the game on week 16

To get your prize you must be at the pub at the end of the game when the prize is given away in order to win.

Secondly, for all members who attend ALL Monday Night games, we will give you a ticket to our Super Bowl Party which provides reserved seating, an appy, and a sleeve of beer. We have prizes to give away every Monday night that you must be here to be eligible for. You must be here to win any of these prizes. Winners are drawn at the end of the game.

How to Register and Make Your Picks:

Once you have paid and receive your copy of The Clayton Public House Football Club rules, you enter the pool as follows:

1)Go to www.runyourpool.com

2)If you were a member last year, you will still need to set yourself up for this year’s pool.

3)New Members: You will be sent a password reset email, click the link to reset your password and your account will be active. We will be available to assist you should you have any difficulties signing in, email football@theclaytonpub.com with your phone number and we will call you back to assist you.

4)Download the mobile app from your app store search: runyourpool. Again any problems see step 3 we are glad to help.

Final amounts of weekly and season-ending standing prizes will be announced by our GM Johnny as they end.

IMPORTANT RULES: Participants are allowed only one entry in the contest per email address, if you would like to play multiple pools you will need to have multiple entries.

The pool starts with Week 1 and runs through the NFL regular season only. This is a standard Pick’em pool where members attempt to pick the winning team.

Members are awarded 1 point for correctly picked games.

Point spreads are used in making picks, so the team they select will need to cover the spread.

As a tie-breaker, members guess the combined total points for the last game of the week (as indicated on the pick sheet).

The final pick deadline each week is Sunday at 1 pm ET*. If you want to pick an earlier game you must do so by kickoff of that game.

If a member does not enter picks for a specific week, no automatic picks will be made.

If a game is canceled, postponed to a future week, or otherwise not played (e.g. forfeited), it will be removed from the current schedule, along with all picks for that game.

* If there are no 1 pm ET games on Sunday, the final pick deadline will be the start of the first game on Sunday after 1 pm ET. This is usually only applicable during the playoffs.

Thank you for joining and we look forward to another amazing year of The Clayton Public House Football Club.