The Langley Loop

OUR 4th set of Brew Tours IS UPON US!

Presented by The Clayton Public House

Langley is home to some of the BEST lower mainland breweries.

4 of them (CAMP, Trading Post, Five Roads + Farm Country) have gotten together to create a few collab beers + support one another in their endeavors. When we threw their launch party three years ago for the SLAM DUNKEL we created a relationship and therefore wanted to do something different to help keep the loop party going!  Always keep your eyes peeled for their next launch parties at The Clayton Public House.

The Clayton Public House, we LOVE to support local – and our marketing director/owner wanted to take it one step further for our guests + local brewers! After approaching each brewery, they were on board and we are all SO PROUD to say its in its 3RD YEAR and keeps getting better!

One of a kind in the valley!

TICKETS are $75 per person


1) Please be at The Clayton Public House 30 minutes prior to your time.
Example, if you booked the 2pm slot please have your entire group there at 1:30pm
2) Please CHECK IN with the bartender so they can communicate with the driver that you have arrived.

2) Please be at The Clayton Public House 1 hour in advance, giving time to get seated, order, enjoy your appetizer and then be ready for the tour.  Prior to ordering please let your server know you are apart of the Brew Tour so they can make sure you are taken care of

Support Local + Tour


**We KINDLY as for no pre-gaming (pre-drinking), we know it’s tempting but the tour is not as fun if you can not last the whole way through! Come play with us, safely!

PLEASE respect each venue’s protocols (if any are in place) as they may differ and we need to respect the makers of the delicious beers!

This tour is for  6 people.

The Langley Loop Brew Tour includes a free appetizer at The Clayton Public House (available after the tour) + 1 flight at each of the participating breweries – one month we will go Camp Beer, Trading Post, Five Roads + Farm Country, and the next we will reverse.

Each brew tour will start at The Clayton Public House for you to catch the shuttle.

If you choose to stay at a particular brewery and not continue on there will be no refund as the other breweries will have a table reserved for your time with them.

The shuttle is driven by our security staff, and they will be monitoring your safety, the safety of other guests at each establishment. If they feel you are not able to continue your trip due to intoxication + or by your behaviour – they will make sure you are returned to the point of pickup and or will make sure you make it home safely at your expense.

OUR STORY - Beer lovers. Founded by 100% local ownership with grassroots in the homebrewing community and a strong passion for craft beer.

HOW WE BREW - Our taste is as adventurous as the explorers who first settled here. Crafting small-batch beer that honours tradition, our skillful Brewmaster pioneers fresh, inventive flavours inspired by our unique heritage. The very best ingredients shape each batch of our authentic, honest and super tasty craft beer.

``Our goal is to provide a community gathering space, experiences that connect us to the here and now, and highly enjoyable craft beers, all as a way to build connections and remind us that we are on this journey together.``

A love for high quality and flavourful craft beer started us on this exciting journey. Along the way, we have been inspired by all of the wonderful people that we have met throughout the craft beer industry who make it a truly one of a kind industry. The overwhelming support and encouragement from our friends and family has played a major role in getting us to where we are today to help us live out our dream.